Where’s Rose

Eric Daniels, Ty Simpkins, (Insidious, Jurassic World), is about to go off to college when suddenly his little sister Rose, Skyler Elyse Philpot (Netflix’s Raising Dion) goes missing in the woods. With his family in a scramble to find her, even the babysitter, Jessica (Anneliese Judge, Sweet Magnolias) doesn’t know where she went. But then she appears. The Daniels family brings Rose back home but it’s clear that something has changed in Rose, something unnatural. Only Eric seems to recognize the evil force that has returned in his little sister’s place and it’s up to him to figure out how to stop it.

Writer and Director:

John Mathis

Produced by:

Jared Sprouse, Justin Boswick, pablo bobadilla, Ty Simpkins


Ty Simpkins, Anneliese Judge, Skyler Elyse Philpot

Premiere:  Raindance Film Festival 2021 Official Selection

Status:  World Rights Available through Tricoast Entertainment

Genre: Mystery / Horror

Length: 1 hour 22 minutes

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